Ph.D. in Psychology and Master’s Degree in Special Education from the University of Valencia.

Director of the Unit for Research on Persons with Disabilities at the University of Valencia.

Her professional career is focussed on persons with functional and educational diversity.

Furthermore, she published various articles and papers, on this subject matter, such as her Book Integration of Higher Education Students with Disability and Reading for Pre-lingual Deafness; chapters of books, such as The school psychologist facing physical deficiencies: sensory and motor, Attitudes of Students of the University of Valencia Towards Persons with Disabilities, The Family Context of a Child with Exceptional Development, Disability and Vocational Counselling, Students with Specific Educational Support Needs undertaking University Studies, etc.

In addition, she participated in numerous lectures and training activities, such as in those from both Master’s Degree Program Sign language at School and Master’s Degree Program Social Health Care Unit, as well as in activities from University volunteer training program regarding the field of disability.

To conclude, she participated in elective courses for University students and teaching staff on deafness,visual or motor impairment, and many more.