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Jesús Celada Pérez

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Jesús Celada Pérez

State Geographical Engineer entered the National Geographic Institute in 2005, an agency belonging to the Ministry of Development.

In 2011, the Geographic Information technology changed for the social field and joined the Royal Board on Disability as Technical Advisor. In 2015, he was appointed Deputy Director General of Civil Dialogue at the General Directorate of Disability Policies. Since July 2018, he is the current Director General of this DG under the Ministry of Social Rights.

Member of the ONCE Protectorate Council and the Spanish Red Cross Protection Council, presides over the jury of the Queen Letizia Disability Awards. He is also a member of the Spanish Paralympic Committee and the employer of the ONCE Foundation.

It highlights his participation as an expert in disability, education and employment in international projects. Double world champion, 2018 and 2019, in the Long Distance Duathlon mode, acting as a guide for Fernando Riaño, a triathlete with visual impairment.