• Photo of  María del Pilar Gomiz Pascual

    She holds a degree in Business Administration and Management and a degree in Journalism from the Carlos III University of Madrid, and a PhD cum laude and Extraordinary Doctorate Award in Sociology from the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology of the UNED.  

    Since March, she is the director of UNIDIS, the Center of Attention to the University Students with Disabilities of the UNED. At UNED, she is also a professor in the Department of Sociology I of the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology, with the category of Contratada Doctora. Until assuming the direction of UNIDIS, she has been Vice-Dean of Students and Communication, in the same Faculty, where she already held the position of Assistant Secretary, as well as Academic Secretary of the Master in Communication, Culture, Society and Politics.   

    Author of several books and academic articles on disability and inclusive citizenship, as well as others related to communication and especially vulnerable groups (such as women prisoners or minors with parents in prison).  

    She is a member of the TABA Research Group, an International Research Group on Social Inclusion and Human Rights (TABA International Research). 

    She participates (and has participated) in several research projects on the topics described above, and also carries out activities focused on the transfer and dissemination of knowledge in the areas described, especially related to the need to make visible the violence that exists against women with disabilities and the rights of these women.