• Photo of  María Teresa Lozano Mellado

    An agricultural engineer from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), she completed her studies with a specialization program at the University of Reading (UK).  


    During her years as a representative in the UPM Alumni Delegation, she was encouraged to join Crue Universidades Españolas in 1998, a non-profit association founded in 1994, which currently groups 76 universities, representing the entire public university system and more than 75% private. Initially, her responsibilities were developed in the international sphere and in the coordination of the first sectorial commission, the network of university research results transfer offices. In 2000, she added to her previous functions, the creation and management of the Administration and Human Resources department. 

    In 2005 she was appointed Secretary General, at which time she led the new corporate image of Crue and a new organizational model. During this time, she has promoted and coordinated, under the leadership of the eight presidents that have succeeded each other in the institution, various actions and activities aimed at growing the organization, adapting to the needs of each moment and the demands of the universities.