• Photo of  María Ramírez Álvarez

    Maribel Ramírez Álvarez holds a PhD in Mathematics and is Full Professor in the Dept. of Mathematics at the University of Almería. She has participated in the management of the University with the positions of Department Secretary, Department Director, Vice Rector for Students and Employment (also assuming the Rector's Delegation for Equality policies from June 2015 to September 2019). She is currently the Vice Rector for Students, Equality and Inclusion at the University of Almeria. In addition, she is Vocal of CRUE student affairs since 2019, and within the functions entrusted as a member of the executive committee of CRUE student affairs, she is coordinator of the working group Diversity and Disability. Editor and director of the magazine "igUALdad", a tool to raise awareness throughout the university community in order to achieve greater equality. 

    Regarding research activity, she is a member of the Mathematical Analysis Research Group (FQM-194) and her research work is related to Functional Analysis.