Doctor in Architecture, Doctor in Education and Professor of Architectural Composition (San Pablo-CEU University), he is an Academic of the Royal Academy of Doctors of Spain

He has recognized 4 six-year periods of research.

Pablo Campos has directed or co-directed 9 Doctoral Theses (already completed) and 5 more in process, national and international. He has been a speaker for 30 years at numerous international centers: Stanford University, UCLA, Columbia, Virginia, Pittsburgh, UIC-Chicago, NYU, Royal College-Harvard, NYCCT, McGill (Montreal), ITESM (Mexico), Sapienza, Naples, Cagliari (Italy), Porto, Lisbon (Portugal), TU-Delft (Netherlands), Ministry of Education (Bhutan), Athens (Greece), Aalto University (Finland), AAB (Kosovo), UCAM (Colombia), or the American Institute of Architects.

Since 1989 he has designed and researched Educational Architecture. He has written 17 books and more than 90 articles on the subject and has given lectures at prestigious international institutions.

Author of the concept of "Didactic Campus", Professor Campos has designed numerous Master Plans for universities and their relationship with the City, both in Spain and abroad. Among others: the Campus of the University of Salamanca, Sustainable Campus (Madrid), UNAE Campus (Ecuador) and UAN Campus (Angola). In 2012, he received the Educational Leadership Award-World Education (India) for his contribution to education on an international scale. And in 2020, the International Innovative Research Award in Architecture of Education, awarded by the International Society for Scientific Network

Currently, he is the Principal Investigator of the MICINN R&D Project “Inclusive Campuses and Architecture. Criteria to promote welcoming university environments that generate cognitive accessibility in people with intellectual disabilities (CAMPUS-INCLUAQ)” -