PhD in Psychology and lecturer in the Inter-faculty Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology in the Faculty of Psychology at the Autonomous University of Madrid, where she began teaching in 2006. She is currently the director of this department. 

She currently coordinates the EQUIDEI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusive Education) research team at the UAM. In recent years, this team has been interested in the study and analysis of the process of inclusion in schools, focusing especially on the dimension of social participation, through a national project funded by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (2018-2021).

She has also participated as a researcher in an Erasmus Project coordinated by the ONCE Foundation to create a network of inclusive universities (2019-2021).

Currently, she is the PI of a project that deals with promoting the social participation of all students, considered as a key aspect to make effective the right to Inclusive Education. 

She has published articles in national and international scientific journals and has participated as a speaker in more than forty seminars and congresses both nationally and internationally.  

As for her management experience at the university, in addition to her current position as head of department, she has held other positions such as Vice-Dean of Students in the Faculty of Psychology (2009-11), Rector's Delegate for Students (2011-2013) and Vice-Rector for Students (2013-2017).

In this last position she was appointed coordinator of the area of Attention to Diversity in the Student Affairs sector of the CRUE (2014) and subsequently Executive Secretary of this same sector (2014-2017).